Our Story

Green’s Creek Veterinary Hospital is a passion project from our founder Dr. Joe Cannon. As a lifelong lover of animals, Dr. Cannon has always wanted to open his own veterinary practice near his hometown of Dublin. After growing up on an 80-acre farm near the Dublin community of Green’s Creek, Dr. Cannon’s love for animals became one of his greatest motivations. The farm was the home of so many animals, and even more exciting, so many different kinds of animals! Dr. Cannon fondly remembers his childhood and the great love of animals that was first born on that farm.

Over the course of a 40+ year career, Dr. Cannon had many opportunities to work with animals of all types, participating in a number of extremely diverse veterinary practices. He is proud to have opened Green’s Creek Veterinary Hospital, bringing his passion for animals, his knowledge about veterinary care, and his love for all creatures back to the place where it all began: Green’s Creek!

Animals We Care For

At Green’s Creek Veterinary Hospital, we are proud to be a diverse practice, offering care to a wide variety of animals. Naturally, our broadest clientele are our canine and feline patients, as they are the most popular types of pets, but we also provide care to many horses. While exotic patients are less common, we welcome just about all of them through our doors, from pocket pets to larger animals such as deer. If you are the owner of an exotic pet, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to talk to you about whether we can provide care to your furry friend.

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We Make it Affordable

Whether you own a dog or cat, it is every pet owner’s obligation to provide our pets with proper vaccinations or shots–beginning with a series of puppy and kitten shots and then regular boosters throughout their adulthood. Given the community’s low vaccination rate, this is especially true amongst animals that are brought into shelters or pets that are allowed to roam. At Green’s Creek Veterinary we offer Affordable spay and neuter, vaccinations and wellness exams – Call for details. We want to make sure that quality healthcare for your pet is available. All your pet’s necessary shots, flea/tick medications, heartworm preventative and microchips can all be worked in to everyone’s budget.

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