Horse reproduction takes a lot of planning, and at Green’s Creek, we’re here to help you through the process. We offer several equine reproductive services that address a mare’s health and fertility, a stallion’s breeding potential, as well as artificial insemination. Basic

Horse Reproduction

The peak breeding time for horses is typically between the months of May and August, when the days are long and sunny, and there is plenty of good feed. While this cycle can be manipulated with artificial lighting and hormone therapies, the summer still remains the most efficient time to breed. What further complicates things is that once a mare is in estrus (heat), the ova (eggs) produced only live a few hours after they are ovulated. In the peak of their breeding season, mares will ovulate about every 21 days. Sperm cells, on the other hand, can survive two or more days after breeding. Ideally, it’s best to breed the mare prior to her ovulation, so that healthy, active sperm cells are waiting for the egg within the oviduct. Still, timing is tricky.

How We Can Help

Our equine reproductive services aim to take the guesswork out of the breeding process. We can help with establishing your mare’s reproductive health as well as monitor her pregnancy. Some of the services we perform include:

  • Ultrasound exams to check for follicular activity in the ovaries
  • Uterine evaluation to ensure there are no abnormalities
  • Ultrasound pregnancy exams to assess the embryo’s and fetus’s health*
  • Postpartum mare evaluation

*Regular pregnancy exams are especially important in the first few weeks after breeding. If your mare develops twins, for instance, it is more than likely that the entire pregnancy will be aborted. Ultrasound allows us to detect twins early, so we can intervene and reduce to a single pregnancy.

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Equine reproduction depends heavily on timing. The sooner we can begin to evaluate your mare the sooner we can estimate her prime breeding season. Contact us today to set up an initial examination.

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