We are proud to offer the latest in digital radiology technology to enable us to provide our clients with accurate information and nearly instantaneous results. Digital x-rays allow us to evaluate all bones and joints quickly to determine any abnormalities or if the concern is within normal limits. For your convenience, we can also provide portable digital radiology, allowing us to x-ray your horse in his stall if he is unable to be brought to the hospital for any reason.


An endoscope is a fiber optic scope that allows visualization of internal body anatomy. It is flexible and can be maneuvered into small areas. Endoscopy can be used to visualize the upper respiratory tract and to conduct tracheal examination in equine patients.


Ultrasound is used primarily to identify pregnancies and it may be used as a part of the process of artificial insemination. It is also used for tendons, soft tissue injuries, internal organs, and to aid in the diagnosis of colic or pneumonia.

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